Radio can be magical.
However, somewhere along the way, most broadcasting companies forgot that radio is more than just playing well-researched music and more than saying what pollsters say are the right things to say. The Independent Alternative 99.3 WXRY remembers what made radio special in the first place and is leading the way to abandon cookie-cutter corporate programming and to make radio special again. We invite you to come back to listening to the radio and join us and make a difference.


Today's Alternative Music and Modern Rock Classics, the Biased News, and Traffic with Varholy and the Class on your ride home weekday afternoons 3:00 to 7:00.

Discover New Music. Every Hour. Every Day. On Independent Public Radio.

STUDIO LINE: (803) 451-4-XRY  TEXT: (803) 386-9791
Twitter:    @wxry


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